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For Release 9 a.m. EST

August 10th, 2015


TinMan Systems Unveils Software

For Real-time Sensor Data Visualization and System Control


TinMan RealTime™ expected to become must-have tool for designing unmanned systems


 SEATTLE, WA — August 10th, 2015 — Today, TinMan Systems (http://www.tinmansystems.com), announced immediate availability of TinMan RealTime™, enabling companies to rapidly access, and visualize real-time sensor data and to send commands to multiple systems to and from anywhere in the world.  TinMan RealTime was developed as a result of the explosion of wireless sensors and the fundamental shift to leverage real-time data anytime, anywhere, to make things smarter – enabling a design process for machine intelligence that operates with real-time data

TinMan RealTime’s robust, multi-threaded architecture is designed to work seamlessly with or independent of, TinMan Systems’ flagship product, AI Builder - to listen to, and send data to, multiple IP addresses through multiple local sockets simultaneously. When RealTime is running with AI Builder, it automatically sends sensor input data directly to AI Builder and relays computed decision outputs directly from AI Builder to the target external system.


When TinMan RealTime operates as stand-alone, it is extremely helpful for viewing live streaming sensor data and/or manually controlling external systems. Data is sent and received via User Datagram Protocol (UDP) datagram, a core member of the Internet protocol suite used primarily for establishing low-latency / loss tolerating connections between applications on the Internet. 


TinMan RealTime provides 4 major features:

·  Establishes unlimited number of simultaneous incoming Internet data sources, each with unique parsing prescription, and sensor data templates.

·  Establishes unlimited number of outgoing data targets for sending commands directly to target system(s), each with unique command structure.

·  Provides intuitive visual design environment with flexible controls, gauges and dynamic charting.

·  Operate on incoming data, and send commands directly to target systems – manually or as decisions directly from AI Builder.


“Beyond the increased productivity of accessing and viewing real-time data painlessly, TinMan RealTime introduces new capability to building autonomous systems – reducing costs and development time for unmanned systems, robotics and anything with sensors,” said Karl Hirsch, President CEO TinMan Systems. “Our goal was to introduce and support real-time data into the design process of intelligent systems.”


Anyone involved with building, integrating, monitoring, controlling or automating a a system with sensors will benefit from using TinMan RealTime.


Pricing is available on the company’s website. Licensing options include Academic/Personal use, and Commercial use. Volume licensing available.



About TinMan Systems:


TinMan Systems (www.tinmansystems.com) provides software and professional services for the development and deployment of autonomous systems. Our expanding software platform consists of 2 general categories: Real-time sensor data fusion, visualization and control (TinMan RealTime™)  and Intelligent Automation (AI Builder). These software applications can be used independently, or simultaneously for real-time design/testing of autonomous systems. Professional services include both PC and Web-based Rapid Software Application Design and Prototype development in several key areas; most notably in Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Biometrics and Intelligent Automation / Autonomous Intelligence.

TinMan’s software suite is comprised of an innovative, user-friendly tools framework and software deployment library for customers to rapidly develop and integrate expert real-time decision making into commercial systems, themselves. By providing state-of-the-art tools, advanced data visualization techniques and a fully abstracted approach to the use and assembly of complex real-time machine learning algorithms, TinMan’s products and services greatly facilitate the application of AI technology to systems operating in dynamic environments. TinMan Systems customers reduce costs of development and significantly reduce time-to-market for their intelligent products.

TinMan Systems was founded in July, 2010 and based in Seattle, WA. USA.


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Phone:  425-557-4360