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Bi-Directional Multi-Source, Multi-Target Sensor Data Visualization and Control
TinMan RealTime Features
TinMan RealTime is an immensely versatile and powerful application used for real-time monitor, control and/or automation of local or remote system(s) with any number of sensors. These systems can either be passive (only send sensor data and not respond to commands), or active (where they send sensor data and respond mechanically to commands).

Real-to-life gauges and charts can be assigned to intuitively visualize live sensor values and administer system commands. Add buttons and controls to send custom commands to systems. Multiple passive and active systems, local or remote, can be continuously and simultaneously monitored and controlled in real-time. Use RealTime with TinMan AI Builder for "Intelligent LIVE Control" to process and automate control of intelligent external systems – all in real-time.
Desktop IoT

Version 2.1 of TinMan RealTime is here (along with a $99 personal edition). In addition to real-time UDP data IO, RealTime now supports single click COM/Serial port integration and direct sensor / command interface to programmable logic controllers - in particular the Arduino platform and Raspberry Pi platforms and derivatives (click on center image below for video). 

Be sure to watch our video demonstrations below, and subscribe our YouTube channel for more how-to demonstration videos and projects. Here is a quick intro video:

Acquire and visualize remote sensor data
Quickly and efficiently access, validate, understand, improve and refine sensor data coming from local or remote systems.
Manually or autonomously control local or remote systems
Operate virtual or external systems with manual controls or decisions sent directly from projects within AI Builder.
Build Custom Sensor Fusion and Visualization Interfaces
Visually design sophisticated interfaces with gauges and controls set to automatically connect with individual sensor values from multiple systems.

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A Closer Look at TinMan RealTime
What Does it Do?  (3 USE Models)
(1) Receives, validates, parses and presents live sensor data. RealTime provides a palette of gauges, charts, viewers and controls for visualization of data streaming from external systems through a serial port (COM), a sensor log file (CSV) or from the internet (UDP), along with

providing a customizable outgoing  command message interface for sending commands directly to external systems via UDP or COM.

RealTime also allows a third use model: the automatic and seamless real-time integration with TinMan Systems AI Builder for intelligent automation and control of external systems. Allows unlimited number of data sources, providing each with an unlimited number of sensor data “templates” to efficiently access and visualize sensor data elements.

Instantly Interface with Smart Systems
With RealTime, you can connect to any smart system that sends and receives data. Control systems manually through custom commands, buttons and levers, and receive all sensor data for parsing, visualization, analysis and recording directly to data log files.
Brief Overview of RealTime V2.1
View the video to see video demonstration of some of the exciting new interactive features for use with any microcontroller sensor and actuator platform.
Why RealTime is Useful
To acquire and visualize remote sensor data. To build, refine or better understand information coming from remote sensors. To manually or autonomously control local or remote systems To quickly and efficiently access, validate, understand, improve, create and refine sensor data coming from local or remote systems.

CLICK TO WATCH: Video of Wireless Data
from Sensors on Android Cell Phone

How RealTime is Used
As a windows software application with a highly intuitive and efficient interface and multi-threaded bi-directional based messaging architecture, to connect to the user’s external systems via the Internet. Simply configure COM, UDP or CSV data sources and command targets, overcoming design headaches and software communication / compatibility issues with data communication and synchronicity to immediately be up and running with real-time system monitor and control with state of the art visual tools. Users will gain value from TinMan RealTime with software simulation and personal robotics projects at home, in engineering educational settings, in research labs, in robotics and AI research institutions, in unmanned systems design and testing and in the factory R&D environment.
Real-to-Life Gauges
Add life-like gauges and customize their appearance to nearly 4000+ combinations. Multiple sources, multiple gauges and saved projects gives each interface and entirely custom look. All gauges function live and with perfect visual transition in the multi-threaded environment which optimizes graphics rendering - even on laptops with low GPU resource.
Advanced Live data analysis - Histograms
Add histograms to view live incoming data and customize all parameters.
Arduino Data and Commands with TinMan RealTime V2 - Sensor Testing
Video shows integration of system messages from Arduino along with sensor data and command messages. Testing an IMU sensor stick with 9 degrees of freedom for use in auto-leveling a primitive quadcopter prototype - with TinMan RealTime as Sensor and Command interface.
Replay CSV Data Files as Live Sensors
Set any recorded sensor data log as the data source to be streamed live into TinMan RealTime as if it were live data. Re-experience and further analyze situational measurements and data recordings for system optimization.
Use the CuStom Gauge Designer to Create Personalized Gauges
NEW! V2.1.5 Provides the new Custom Gauge component - which allows you to create virtually any size and any format gauge possible. You can create transparent gauges, gauges with imported bitmap faces, or a fully customized face of your own. Add color and ranging with the new Range Arcs, and add and move text around to enhance scale information. Export face bitmaps for use in presentations or other applications. Or export the bitmap face to use as backdrop to other gauges. Drag to any size, copy and paste with single clicks. Scaling, rotation, arc length, fonts and over 110 elements fully customizable to make your live sensor data much more meaningful.