AI Builder 3.0 is Available! If you haven't upgraded to the latest version of AI Builder yet, please do so today.  Download here. or here. Use your existing serial number (your issued number for AI Builder 2.1) after install.

Users of AI Builder 2.1 Standard will get a free 30-Day Trial (RealTime data access available), while users that have upgraded to AI Builder 2.1 Professional can receive an unlock code via email. Send request after installation.

When AI Builder 3.0 is installed, AI Builder will remain in tact with all files. You can uninstall 2.1 at your convenience - if you want to.

NOTE: Be SURE to check your My Documents folder for the many new SAMPLE Projects...
TinMan AI Builder 2.1 / 3.0 - Help and Support 

NOTE: Upgrade your trial version to licensed to export your AI systems for integration into your applications.

Help Sections:
Overview General overview of the technology, integration approach and platform.

Getting Started Provides help on system requirements, installation and first launch of the application. (Including a note for Windows 10 users)

System Inputs Intro General introduction to the System Inputs bar in the main workspace, and the System Inputs it manages.
Simulation Input Behaviors Overview of Simulation Behaviors and they can be used to simulate basic real-world dynamic effects on System Inputs.

System Outputs Intro General introduction to the System Outputs bar in the main workspace, and the System Outputs it manages.
Simulation Output Effects Overview of Output Effects and how they can be used during simulation to imitate the potential effect that an output decision might have in the real-world on a system input value.

Components This is a full listing of the current 85 93 (version 3.0.3 includes 8 new) components (including STATE MACHINES). Click on a component to see descriptions of each of the components inputs and outputs, as well as the component functionality itself. Please let us know if the description can be improved to provide you better detail on how it is best used. As we add new samples, all samples that utilize each component will be listed automatically within that component's help page.

Runtime API Reference Reference listing for the AI Builder 3 Runtime library. Each of the exported functions from the runtime dll is listed in detail along with purpose, parameters, return value and sample code for both C/C++ and Visual Basic implementations.

How-to Videos  Update: We have added a new video showing how to use LIVE data with AI Builder. We are currently working on several additional videos. We have listed those in-process videos with those that are currently available. If you have a suggestion for a how-to video, please email us at: support

Example Projects Downloadable samples that you can instantly load and experiment with in AI Builder 3. Each example has a dedicated web page that provides an explanation of the sample project, along with a screenshot of the example loaded in AI Builder 3 and a listing of all components used in the example. The file is downloaded as a standard compressed "*.zip" file which contains the project file and any accompanying support files.

If you have a suggestion for a sample, please email us at: support

Update History Update: Version 3.0 is now available as of March 21st, 2016. Click here to view the history of dates, version number and changes/fixes made with each update. If you have questions regarding your version or requests for specific updates, please email us at: support

NOTE: Please be aware of our continued additions to the online help system. Your feedback, suggestions and questions will be key to the breadth and depth of content here. There will be daily updates, so please come back for additional information.

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