TinMan RealTime™ - Help and Support  
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Welcome to the online help system for TinMan RealTime™. Here you will find information and instructions on installation and use, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of this powerful application.
Table of Contents
Topic Brief Description
Installation Information on installing
Introduction to TinMan RealTime™   Brief overview of TinMan RealTime - What it is, Who it is for, Why it is used...
Getting Started Interface introduction and first few things to try 
VIDEO Introduction to the Interface, Panes and Menus Live video walk-through introduction to the TinMan RealTime V2.1 interface. (APPROX 16 Mins)
Three Fundamental Ways to Use TinMan RealTime Overview of 3 models of use: Visualize Sensor Data, Visualize + Manually Control, and Visualize + Automate
Viewing Real-time Data (and "Demo Mode") Explanation and overview of process of live visualization along with utilizing "Demo Mode" for instant action
Overview of UDP Data UDP Backgrounder
Configuring a UDP Data Source Connecting to Your Sensors [download x-Plane Sensor Project - use port 27018 to send data from x-Plane]
Configuring a CSV Data Source Configuring a new CSV static log file data source (the CSV data file used in the video)
Configuring a COM Data Source Configuring a new Serial Port (COM) data source. (YouTube Video)
Creating a Sensor Data Template Configuring the Incoming Sensor Data Format (the Android Sensors CSV sensor data template)
Sensor Data Windows and Controls Overview of the various sensor data visualization and command delivery controls
Customizing Gauges and Controls How to use the new Custom Gauge control to build and save your own gauge gallery.
Configuring a UDP Data Target Setting up a Command Control Interface to your system
Using Arduino + Data and Command Templates Building the Command Structure for your system
Importing a Set of Command Templates Automate the Process of Establishing Command Formats
Command Windows and Controls Choosing and using the various command delivery controls