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AI Builder 2 / 3 Update History

AI Builder 3.07 is Available!  (see main menu for expanded help and support, see below for new features).

KNOWN ISSUE on Windows 10:
If you are experiencing an application crash when running AI Builder (or TinMan RealTime), you can try 2 things:
1) Try running the application(s) in Administrator Mode, by right clicking the application icon and selecting 'Run as Administrator' from the context menu that appears. Or,
2) switch to 1920x1080 resolution, with screen fonts 100% size (normal) then log out and log back in again. Run the applications.

To check to make sure your version of AI Builder is the most current version, click the Check for Updates button on the main ribbon bar in the application as shown below:
 TinMan Systems Update Check
screen shot AI Builder 2 Main Interface Ribbon Bar

Version History and Issue/Fix Detail

    Below we have listed the date, version number and changes associated with updates to AI Builder 2:

Version Date Released: Fixes and New Features: Nov. 15th, 2014
  1. New licensing model - now the AI Builder IDE is free for perpetual use.
    See the current pricing page for information on purchasing the runtime library for your exported systems.
    If you currently have a trial version, you may update the exe by downloading the update and copying over your original file. You must have previously installed the trial to update this way. click here for download
  2. (If you do not have a trial version, but need to RE-ACTIVATE, simply download, unzip, copy over the old exe, and choose "Reactivate") Nov. 27th, 2014
  1. Issue: Deleting a System Module that has graphic objects, resaving and reloading may cause an error.

  2. Resolution: Fixed.

  3. Issue: Saving descriptions of a System Input by using the System Input Properties dialog would sometimes not retain the description.

  4. Resolution: Fixed.

  5. Issue: The Dynamic Simulated Value Component (in the Utility Components Category) continued to update the output value in between desired update intervals of cycles or seconds. 

  6. Resolution: Fixed.

  7. Issue: The live chart window extension used to display component outputs in graph form did not feed dynamically (scroll) when exceeding the right border of the chart during simulation. 

  8. Resolution: Fixed.

  9. Issue: Tooltip text needed for various ribbon bar controls when the Neural Network is selected by the mouse (in context). 

  10. Resolution: Added verbose tooltip text for those controls.

  11. Issue: Keyboard combination accelerator of CTRL+A used to quickly switch viewing modes prevented the use of the 'A' character in when typing descriptions. 

  12. Resolution: Fixed. Accelerator removed. Dec. 10th, 2014
  1. Issue: More information desired regarding System Inputs and Outputs when exporting files for runtime integration. Added functionality for automatically creating a “Manifest File” when exporting an AI system for runtime integration. The manifest file provides a listing of all system inputs and outputs with ids, names and descriptions to be used as convenient reference when integrating into a host application. The file also contains the name and full description of the original project file.

  2. Resolution: New Feature.

  3. Issue: Attempting to modify properties of certain components (CSV Data Input) while the simulator is running sometimes caused an error after closing the component properties dialog box - it the component had Data Value Windows showing.

  4. Resolution: Fixed.

    UPDATE earlier version by clicking check for Updates button as shown above... Jan. 6th 2014
  1. Issue: Some users have had to download more than once, and/or need to activate for first use.

  2. Resolution: Convenient download here: ...see below... Download Full Re-Install. (All saved project files will be preserved) Jan. 7th 2014
  1. Issue: Increased convenience for all users (in particular in-classroom and high security users) by eliminating the activation requirement on first use.

  2. Resolution: Update! Convenient download here: Download Full Re-Install. (All saved project files will be preserved)


2.1.0 Sep. 17th, 2015
  1. New Feature: Receive live sensor data into AI Builder IDE during design and simulation.
  2. (Pro Version)

    Introduced TinMan RealTime for live sensor data fusion, mapping and delivery to AI Builder. Added feature in AI Builder to 'listen' to RealTime, and to received UDP data packets destined for specific system inputs.

  3. New Feature: Send live output data from AI Builder IDE during design and simulation. (Pro Version)

    TinMan RealTime can receive those output values through its "output window controls" and send associated UDP command strings on to external system for live system control during simulation. This creates a complete live "sense and command" loop with AI Builder and an external system.

  4. New Feature: Export Manifest File. (Pro Version)

    When exporting an AI system for import into your host application, a *.txt manifest file is automatically created for you. It contains project information, description and detailed listings of all System Inputs and System Outputs, with ID's to be used in the API, as well as the description and name as set by you during design mode. Use this file when building the host app. 

2.1.3 Jan. 21st, 2016


1)      Fixed graphic objects so that they are only selectable from within their parent module.

2)      Name changes to components are now properly saved when done from the component properties dialog box.

3)      Fixed crash on new document when in component view mode.

4)      Sim Format Utility Component (both the Message and the Color versions) now only change target graphic when non-zero

5)      System module inputs, outputs and the module itself propertied dialog now scrolls description edit box vertically, as opposed to horizontally.

6)      Random Range behavior added to System Inputs no longer adds random numbers to the System Input value each cycle of simulator execution. It now simply sets the system input to the random number that is created each cycle of execution.

7)      Text Descriptions applied Module Outputs are now saved when exiting the Module Output Properties Dialog.

8)      Context sensitive selection of module inputs and outputs more conveniently exposes appropriate ribbon tab for module edits.

9)      Module output connections can now be deleted.

New Features:

1)      Timers can now be set manually once (in the props dialog), and do not require an active input for a time delay other than the default of 500 ms.

2)      Added color responsiveness option to outputs on modules and system when non-zero. Default is a light green color. Helps to visualize activity. Use ‘Highlight Active Outputs’ checkbox on Simulation Tab of ribbon bar.

3)      Added ability to delete the incoming connection to Module Outputs

4)      Added ability to delete the outgoing connections from Module Outputs

5)      Added ability to delete the incoming connection to Module Inputs

6)      Added ability to delete the outgoing connections from Module Inputs

5 New Components:

1)      Get Min

2)      Get Max

3)      Invert Sign

4)      Do Once

5)      Range Check


Your serial number and activation status (standard or pro) will remain in tact.


Version 3.0.0 March 21st. 2016
  1. New Feature: Output Effects

  2. Function: Update!

    Each system output now can cause change in incoming system input values so that during simulation, certain outputs can virtually cause changes in environment variables of the system. Double click on a system output while in system view mode and click on Add Effect in the properties dialog box. Add as many effects as desired for the output.

  3. New Feature: Simulation Highlights

  4. Function: Update !

    Each system output now will automatically change color during simulation when its value is non-zero. Module outputs have same functionality. This is especially helpful during simulation to visually assess relative activity across outputs and modules. Turn this feature on or off in the ribbon bar with checkbox in system outputs panel.


  6. Function: TRY THEM OUT! !

    Go to your My Documents folder and look for My TInMan Projects directory. In there you will find a Sample Projects folder. Enter that and load any of the 10 or so samples...


Your serial number (standard or pro) can be used with the new version. You will need to reactivate. Version 3 is available initially as a 30 day trial. If you have a standard version of 2.x, you can enjoy all features including real-time data access with TinMan RealTime for 30 days. If you are a AI Builder 2.x Professional customer, then simply send the new product ID / installation id along with your serial number to to request your new activation code to license perpetually.



3.0.1 Mar. 26th, 2016


1)       Fixed situation were app stops when adding a component to a system module. This freeze would only happen if the system module was originally created by clicking the 'Add New Module' button on the Ribbon Bar. 

3.0.0 users can either download and reinstall (settings will be saved), or use the alternate way of adding system modules - by double clicking anywhere in the view window while in system view mode.

2) The updated Timer component properties dialog not showing. Resolved. This was due to a new feature added to allow flexible millisecond settings.  Double click on the component or right click  - both now function equally.

3.0.2 Mar. 26th, 2016

New Component:
State Machine Simple

1)       Found in the Decision Logic Components Palette: This control allows quick and easy implementation of a simple state machine that has entry and exit conditions. See the video providing a step by step tutorial of a sample project implementing a simple system managing hunger and a resource.

(context sensitive help is slated for availability within 1-2 days.)


Added highlight text on truth components that illustrates where to drag and drop input connections.


Fixed the long filename string added to the MRU list when building new projects.

3.0.3 Mar. 31st, 2016

New Components:
'States Awareness Hub'

1)      Found in the Decision Logic Components Palette: The states awareness hub component monitors and reports on the status of state machine components that have been selected for monitoring. It is a convenient way to access, from anywhere in your system, whether or not a state machine is currently active.

This is greatly effective in that it eliminates upstream - downstream dependencies, as well as not requiring any connections between the hub and the states it monitors. State machines are extremely effective ways to build features within a circumstance vector, or to maintain focus on an activity until conditions are met.

You can add a states awareness hub in any system module, and access any state machine in any other module, including the hub parent module. An example use case for a hub might be to monitor various stages of a flight or mission, and make decisions relative to that condition. By combining conditions, extremely accurate and near-perfect decisions can be made autonomously.

Timer State Machine

1)       Found in the Decision Logic Components Palette: The Timer State Machine component maintains a state once the entry conditions are met, and until either the specified duration of time passes, or an abort request is made. Default value for the enabled input is on, and the default timer value for the timer input is 1000 milliseconds. Simply connect a boolean input to the entry conditions input and the state functions on its own. It will exit on time or on request via non-zero input value on the abort input. The single output is a boolean value representing whether or not the state machine is currently in-state. This is to be used as an enabler flag input to actions that are taken during the continuous execution of a state. The enabled input is by default always on.


Added 3 new simulation behaviors to the System Inputs. When adding or modifying a system input, add simulation behaviors at the bottom of the properties dialog by clicking Add New Behavior. This behavior will be applied each simulation cycle. This is useful for simulation events where there is a resource that dynamically changes on its own due to factors outside of the effects of the AI system - such as the environment or degradation over time.

Version 3.0.4 April 13th, 2016
  1. New Feature: Real-Time Gauges

    Function: Update!

    There are 4 basic types of gauges that can be added to the new gauges view pane: Bar Chart, Column Chart, Circle Gauge and Data Value Only Gauge. To add a gauge to the view, and at the same time associate it with a system input, simply click and hold the right mouse button to drag from the system input to the gauges view window. Upon releasing the mouse, you will be presented with a context sensitive pop-up menu for choosing one of the 4 basic gauges. At the click of your selection a gauge will be placed at this location with basic settings. It is automatically linked to the input dragged from. 

    Learn More here: Gauges Overview

  2. New Feature: Simulation Breakpoints

  3. Function: Update !

    Now you can create set breakpoints to stop simulation under certain circumstances to examine input and output values along with the state of computational components in your AI system. This is especially useful if you have multiple decisions/outputs working to manage a complex system, and want to ensure that no in-compatible decisions are being made simultaneously. Breakpoints help ensure perfect decision making prior to deploying in a dynamic environment.
    Leran More here: Simulation Breakpoints


If you have a previous installation of AI Builder 2.0 or 2.1, your serial number (standard or pro) can be used with the new version. You will need to reactivate. Version 3 is available initially as a 30 day trial. If you have a standard version of 2.x, you can enjoy all features including real-time data access with TinMan RealTime for 30 days. If you are a AI Builder 2.x Professional customer, then simply send the new product ID / installation id along with your serial number to to request your new activation code to license perpetually.

Existing version 3.0 customers can simply update your installation by downloading and installing. All existing licensing parameters are preserved.



3.0.5 Jun. 24th, 2016

New Feature:

1) Added auto-update check and install feature. Each tim ethe application launches, a quick check is done via the Internet to see if your version is the latest version. If not, information will be provided regarding new features and fixes, the update number, and will provied you the opportunity to instantly update to the latest by clicking the Install Update button within the auto-check dialog. A restart of the application willbe required after updating to instantiate the new version.

3.0.6 Jul. 10th, 2016


1) Fixed various items related to Windows 10 compatibility.

New Feature:

2) Improved detail provided in manifest file when exporting AI runtime for integration into host application. The supporting text file now includes esy copy-paste define statements for easy reference to all system inputs and system outputs.

NOTE: If you have an issue or recommendation that you would like to send to our development team, please provide our support team as much information (and include screenshots if possible) in an email: /em>

Current Version:
(updated July 10th, 2016)

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