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AI Builder How-to Videos

Please note that we are in the process of creating and adding new how-to videos right now. Please check back daily for updates.

Video 1:       AI Builder Interface - Intro

Video 2:       Creating and Saving a Project

Video 3:       Working with System Modules

Video 4:       Introduction to System Inputs and the System Inputs Bar

Video 5:       Using the Neural Network Component

Video 6:       Interactivity and Simultaneous Sounds

Video 7:       Using the Random Number and Simulated Value Components

Video 8:       Using the Counter Components with a Timer

Video 9:       Using the Pattern Generator Component

Video 10:     Integrating an AI System into a C++ Application (Part 1 - Overview) - corrected

Video 11:     Integrating an AI System into a C++ Application (Part 2 - Exporting Runtime System)

Video 12:     Integrating an AI System into a C++ Application (Part 3 - Load System with API)

Video 13:     Integrating an AI System into a C++ Application (Part 4 - Set Values and call the Execute API)

Video 14:     Working with Background Graphics

Video 15:     Using the CSV Data Input Component

Video 16:     Integrating an AI System into a Visual Basic Application   (All Steps - Tutorial)

Video 17:     NEW! Exporting and re-using system modules

Video 18:     NEW! How to Use the Various Truth Components

Video 19:     NEW! Using the Decision Matrix Component

Video 20:     NEW! Sending and Receiving Data LIVE to and from AI Builder ( using TinMan RealTime)

Video 21:     NEW! V3.04 Using the new State Machine Simple Component

Video 22:     NEW! V3.04 Using Gauges

Video 23:     NEW! V3.04 Using Simulation Behaviors to Manipulate System Input Values

Video 24:     NEW! V3.04 Using Simulation Output Effects to Manipulate System Input Values

Video 25:     NEW! V3.04 Using Streaming System Input Values [VIDEO COMING SOON]

Video 26:     NEW! V3.04 Using Simulation Breakpoints [VIDEO COMING SOON]

Video 27:     NEW! V3.04 Using the Powerful States Awareness Hub Component [VIDEO COMING SOON]

Video 28:     NEW! V3.07
Building a Cancer Diagnostics App with Artificial Neural Network and Real Data (YouTube)   Files: Sample Data File , AIB3 Project File


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