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System Output Effects

What is an Output Effect?

An Output Effect is a method for modifying the value of a system input during simulation. Each cycle of simulation results in a final computation of each system output value. At this point in the execution cycle, we can simulate the potential real world impact that an output decision might have on incoming sensor data (which is served through the System Inputs).

During simulation, there are two ways we can administer this numeric impact to a target system input:
1) we can have it occur each execution cycle regardless of the value of the parent output, or
2) we can administer this effect only when the value of the parent output is a non-zero value.

In either case, we need to choose how we manipulate the input value - and as of AIB Version 3.04, there are 6 ways:
  • 1) Set Input Value to Constant Value
  • 2) Set Input Value to Current Value
  • 3) Add Constant Value to Input Value
  • 4) Add Output Value to Input Value
  • 5) Multiply Input Value by Constant Value
  • 6) Multiply Input Value by Output Value

The System Output Effects Dialog

Output Effects properties can be modified in the Output Effects Properties dialog box as shown in the diagram at right.

  • Effect Name: Enter the name of the output effect.
  • Description: Add any information about the effect that is helpful to you during the project design phase.
  • Target System Input: Select from the drop down list the system input that will be modified by this effect.
  • Effect Type: Choose from one of the types of available effects. These effects are detailed in the text above.
  • Value: If you have chosen an effect type that requires a value, enter that value in the edit box provided.
  • Conditional Application: Choose from one of the two application options for frequency of the modification. You can either choose to apply the effect to the input eveyr cycle of execution regardless of the outputs value, or you can make the modfification only when the output value is non-zero.
ai builder output effects properties dialog

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