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AIB2 Components - State Machine Timer
Category: Decision Logic
Requires Version 3.03 or later. Click the About AI Builder ribbon bar button to see your version, or simply check for updates with the Check for Updates button. The Timer State Machine component maintains a state once the entry conditions are met, and until either the specified duration of time passes, or an abort request is made. Default value for the enabled input is on, and the default timer value for the timer input is 1000 milliseconds. Simply connect a boolean input to the entry conditions input and the state functions on its own. It will exit on time or on request via non-zero input value on the abort input. The single output is a boolean value representing whether or not the state machine is currently in-state. This is to be used as an enabler flag input to actions that are taken during the continuous execution of a state. The enabled input is by default always on.

  Inputs: 4
Input Name:
Boolean input of 1 or 0, ON or OFF, enabling or disabling. Default is ON.
Time In State
The amount of time in milliseconds to remin IN STATE. In other words, once triggered, the output of this component will be non-zero (true) for that period of time, unless aborted earlier through the Abort input.
Conditions for Entry
Input value of type booeam that provides the triggering mechanism to enter the duration of time for the state. Ignored if already in state.
Input value of type bool that causes immediate exit from the state, resulting in a 0 output or false.


  Outputs: 1
Output Name:
Output value of type boolean that represents a non-zero value if in state and zero value if not.


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