Company Background
TinMan Systems provides software and professional services for the development and deployment of autonomous systems. Our expanding software platform consists of 3 general categories: Real-time sensor data fusion, visualization and control (TinMan RealTime™) , Intelligent Automation (AI Builder) and Digital Signatures and Pattern Recognition. These software applications can be used independently, or simultaneously for real-time design/testing of autonomous systems. Professional services include both PC and Web-based Rapid Software Application Design and Prototype development in several key areas; most notably in Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Biometrics and Intelligent Automation / Autonomous Intelligence.

TinMan’s software suite is comprised of an innovative, user-friendly tools framework and software deployment library for customers to rapidly develop and integrate expert real-time decision making into commercial systems, themselves. By providing state-of-the-art tools, advanced data visualization techniques and a fully abstracted approach to the use and assembly of complex real-time machine learning algorithms, TinMan’s products and services greatly facilitate the application of AI technology to systems operating in dynamic environments. TinMan Systems customers reduce costs of development and significantly reduce time-to-market for their intelligent products.

TinMan Systems was founded in 2010 and based near Seattle, WA.

Researchers, universities, companies and government customers use the platform to design, train, simulate, test and deploy smart systems or end-applications to achieve continuous autonomous, unmanned behavior - e.g. industrial process automation applications, smart-grid applications, unmanned vehicles, medical diagnostics, robotics, financial/stock market predictive systems, software/games, etc..,

Karl F. Hirsch - Founder and CEO

TinMan Systems was founded by and is led by Karl Hirsch, a software technology veteran. A pioneer in digital rights management (DRM) and electronic software distribution (ESD), Karl personally developed one of the earliest commercial software development kits (SDK) for remote software authentication, digital licensing and copy-protection technologies, which is still in use today by many companies. For the last 12 years, Hirsch has focused his attentions to pattern recognition and autonomous machine intelligence.

He has also served as chairman of SIIA's Internet and Electronic Licensing / Digital Distribution Division, and as CompTIA Board member and RosettaNet architect. Hirsch has 25 years of experience at rapid growth, high-technology companies spanning business development, strategy and operational roles. As a three-time CEO, Karl is familiar with all aspects of rapid business growth in early to mid-stage companies. He founded two internet technology companies, Preview Systems (IPO Dec '99) and

More recently, Karl was CEO of Protexis, where he worked with his team and investors to restructure and redirect the company into a global platform for distribution of digital content. Hirsch successfully completed the sale of Protexis to Bertelsmann AG, a multi-billion dollar global media company. Karl has also raised over $70m dollars in venture financing over the last 18 years.