Build, Test, Simulate and Deploy
Integrated Development Environment for Visual Design of Intelligent Systems
AI Builder Features
Now in its 3rd generation, AI Builder V3.0 is a powerful integrated development environment for the visual design, real-time simulation, testing and deployment of autonomous and semi-autonomous systems. Use the 90+ intuitive components and modular assembly approach to visually design sophisticated decision making systems - for robotics, aviation, health care diagnostics/monitoring, gaming, threat prediction, pattern recognition/biometrics, self-operating vehicles, digital signal processing/analysis, etc... Export and use the API to integrate into your application.

AI builder can be used for real-time robotics and AI applications, or for a stand-alone, single problem-solving application. Here is a video using AI Builder to quickly build and deploy a medical application for Cancer diagnosis: Download the app

You can also use TinMan RealTime to stream live data into AI Builder from external robotics, microcontrollers and sensor systems - as well as send outputs to external systems via commands in RealTime. In other words, create a realtime intelligent design loop directly connected to your smart systems. 30-Day trials of both RealTime and AI Builder are available to immediately download for your testing.
Visually Construct Intelligent Systems
Build decision making systems the way you think. Use matrices and colors and various obvious decision making logical constructs to ensure all permutations of inputs are considered. And interface with live sensor data and actuators through TinMan RealTime.
Design Autonomous or Semi-Autonomous Systems
Because of the versatility in visual design, modular flexibility and open API you can design systems that work in conjunction with human oversight or independently in dynamic environments.
Build Sophisticated Modularized Systems
Build and easily maintain sophisticated systems by modularizing and re-using functionality. Color code and name various constructs and input/output sets, role up complicated structures into single modules.

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A Closer Look at AI Builder
Powerful Integrated Development Environment
Build sophisticated, intelligent systems with ease using a highly intuitive graphical interface for visual design. Connect any number of components in any order to achieve the logic desired. AI Builder handles circular dependencies, allowing for multiple simultaneous and complex decision pathways.
91 Specialized Computational Components
Visually construct decision making systems with 91 specialized components spanning 5 categories: simple logic, math, digital signals, utility and decision logic. Drag and drop components onto the work space and connect clearly labeled inputs and outputs. AI Builder handles data type compatibility, circular references and hierarchical dependencies.
Instantly Intuitive Inputs and Outputs of All Components
With each input and output for every single component clearly labeled for name and type of input, achieving the desired functionality is rapid. Each input name and output name can be customized. Input and output values are displayed on top of the extended connector for intuitive simulation. Each component provides helper text below the component to provide additional information on both usage and specific data values of the component. Highlighted connector regions illustrate clearly where to connect to the adaptable component types.
Utilize Customizable Interactive Components
Optimize the development of your AI system by utilizing interactive and customizable simulator components that produce random data, provide audio feedback, operate the simulator itself, and provide for dynamic visualization of data as it is processed in your system.
Utilize the New Simple State Machine Component
Entering, exiting and maintaining 'state' can be tedious for the machine learning developer - but with AI Builder, simply use the new 'State Machine' component. Simply set the entry and exit conditions for the state, and simulate using Output Effects and Simulation Behaviors to instantly validate state behavior.
Visualize System Input Values in Live Gauges

During simulation within the IDE, the values of the various system inputs often change at a rapid pace. By representing these values visually, the user can gain quick insight to overall status of incoming data. AI Builder 3 supports live connection to external system sensors via TinMan RealTime, from TinMan Satellite Sender, direct from sensors via UDP. There are 4 basic types of gauges that can be added to the gauges view pane: Bar Chart, Column Chart, Circle Gauge and Data Value Only Gauge.

Use Simulation Breakpoints to Perfect Autonomous Decisions

A simulation breakpoint is a condition or set of conditions where one or more system outputs has a final computed value that meets certain criteria. This condition is checked at the end of each execution cycle during simulation (sometimes 10-50 times per second), and if met, the simulator halts, produces and logs the alert associated with the breakpoint. Any number of outputs can be tested in any one breakpoint. Each breakpoint contains at least one condition (where an output value is equal to, less than or greater than a provided value). Custom colors and alerts can be applied to each type of breakpoint.