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TinMan AI Builder Express: An integrated development environment and runtime SDK for creating and deploying simple yet powerful artificial intelligence agents based on neural networks. Fully abstracting the theoretical and mathematical tedium associated with neural networks, the IDE fully harnesses the human-like behavior modeling possible with this best-approach biological metaphor.
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Express Overview: AI Builder Express is an introductory IDE that provides a basic toolset to design, train, simulate, and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) engines. By giving developers a choice of following a complete project wizard, importing historical data sets, and starting projects from scratch, AI Builder Express  enables users new to AI to quickly understand and build basic engines - based on artificial neural networks, while still allowing more advanced applications to be created by AI veterans. If you need simple help or suggestions with natural language processing, try our free word assistance page here.

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AI Builder Express comes with a development license to the Express Runtime SDK which allows integration into a test application. Applications created with the runtime library can be redistributed after a runtime license is purchased and obtained from TinMan Systems.

AI Builder Express includes:

AI Builder Express
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AI Builder A self-constructing, neural network-based AI model for developing engines
AI Builder A project wizard to help create and connect inputs, outputs, and related lessons
AI Builder The ability to create up to 20 inputs and outputs per project
AI Builder Four data input options: ranged double, ranged integer, boolean, and descriptor lists
AI Builder Automatic AI system construction for imported data sets
AI Builder AI system export capability, including runtime libraries for testing and integration
AI Builder Integrated hands-free, batch-based learn algorithm and application simulation

For more sophisticated development needs, AI Builder Professional is also available. Compare features.

Intelligent Project Wizard Single AI Intelligent Object Neural Network Beneath
TinMan AI Builder Express TinMan AI Builder Express TinMan AI Builder Express

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows® XP (32 and 64 Bit) or Microsoft Windows® Vista (32 and 64 Bit) or Microsoft Windows® 7 (32 and 64 Bit)

Disc Drive DVD Drive (if physically shipped)

2 GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor

Minimal RAM (standard system RAM)

20 MB of free hard disk space


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