We provide software and services for building and deploying autonomous systems.
Our growing family of software products spans two categories:

Real-time Sensor Data Fusion

TinMan RealTime™ is a software application used for real-time monitor, control and/or automation of local or remote system(s) with any number of sensors. These systems can either be passive (only send sensor data and not respond to commands), or active (where they send sensor data and respond mechanically to commands). The basis of communication is the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) of wireless or wired Internet connections.

Machine Learning and Intelligent Automation

TinMan AI Builder 2 is an integrated development environment and runtime SDK for creating and deploying intelligent systems. AI Builder 2 is a powerful and intuitive windows-based software application for building, testing, simulating and exporting autonomous artificial intelligence systems. These expert systems can instantly be used in your C/C++, Visual Basic or .NET applications with the runtime library. You can also just use the AI Builder IDE to process, enhance and understand your data better.

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