TinMan Technology Background - Learn More
Most expert system development environments, scripting languages and simulation tools are difficult to use and impractical for intuitive development of an AI system.

TinMan technology fully abstracts and shields the user from the mathematical tedium associated with machine learning technologies through a highly intuitive, modular and templatized approach.

TinMan AI Builder Product Platform - Learn More
The TinMan AI Builder is an integrated development platform and runtime SDK for creating and deploying autonomous artificial intelligence and expert systems.

The IDE provides a complete suite of tools to Design, Train, Simulate and Package an AI System for deployment. The end result is a sophisticated decision making system ready for integration into a host application.  WATCH VIDEO

New Custom CLOUD AI Services  - More Info
We build and host AI for your mobile or web-based enterprise apps (access via AJAX) DIAGRAM
Can include integrated natural language processing, geo-location, identity, social agents.
Contact us to discuss your application requirements and we'll provide you a quick time and cost estimate.
Read about the upcoming release of TinMan AI Builder 2.0: Introduction and overview video

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