RealTime Installation

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Meet the Requirements

Before installing TinMan RealTime (hereinafter referred to as RealTime), please check your system to ensure it meets the minimum system requirements as provided below, and follow the instructions for installing.

Operating System: Microsoft® Vista, Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows® 8 or Windows® 8.1 Professional operating system 32bit or 64bit OS

2 Gigabytes Minimum RAM

Graphics Processor 512MB

Mouse or other suitable input device

Internet connection


When you click on the link in the email that was sent to you, your default browser will be launched and the download will begin. Also, if you have trouble downloading via the emailed link and would like to download from here, click: Download TinMan RealTime Now

In some cases your browser may indicate that the completed download file is "not commonly downloaded" and will ask you to keep or discard.

Of course, you want to keep the file. So right click on the small down arrow and select "Keep" from the popup menu (the Chrome browser is shown below, but likely a similar option is shown with Internet Explorer).  Once you select this option, you will unzip the file and run setup to install as described below:

chrome download message

Once the download is complete, and you have selected to "Keep" the file, locate the file in your downloads folder, click to unzip, and follow instructions below.


Installing RealTime is straight forward. If you have downloaded the application, simply follow these steps:

1) unzip the file. The result will be a single file: setup.exe   
    NOTE: If you had difficulty downloading the software, you may do so by clicking this link: Download RealTime You will need to reapply your serial number given to you in the original download email. If you need a new one, simply email us at

2) double click on setup.exe to start the install process 

(Please note that if you are running anti-virus software, you may receive a warning such as this image below from Norton360: This is because we have just released this version of our software, and our usage count is, for the time being, below a certain threshold for anti-virus software familiarity. Please choose to "Run this program anyway" at this point to continue, as shown by the arrow.)



3) follow the instructions in the Installation wizard

4) an icon will be created for you in the programs menu, and optionally, placed on the desktop

5) double click the program icon from either location to execute the application

6) the first time you run the application, you will need to manually enter your serial number. You can simply copy and paste from the email you received into the text edit box as shown in the diagram below:



7) Once the serial number is pasted in the text box, press the "Enter Serial" button once

8) The product is ready to be launched.

Launching RealTime

To launch RealTime, double click on the program icon from either the programs menu (in the TinMan Systems folder) or from the icon placed on the desktop for you (if you chose this option).

You are now ready to create your first project.